Thursday, October 15, 2009

fuck you prague.

that's what i wanted to call this post about 5 hours ago, as i walked through the soggy streets of prague composing an angry rant in my head. too many tourists. too many dumb fucks in my hostel. too much rain. what do people do here? a church is a church is a castle is a church. that sort of thing.

needless to say, i've mellowed out a bit since then. i've been in prague for about three days now, and i gotta's beautiful, beyond picturesque, haven't seen a city like it yet...but it's not really doing much for me beyond that. it feels almost like a cartoon city. too many pastel coloured buildings i guess. too many tourists. do any czech people actually live here? maybe i just can't shake off berlin.

that being said, i am determined to make the most of my next few days. i will eat goulash. i will go on a day trip to kutna hora and see the Church of Bones. i will go to the ballet. i will drink pilsner in smokey bars with old czech men. and goddammit, i'm going to like it.



  1. Ah.... I will now live vicariously through your travels.

    I also suggest keeping your eye out for a UPS guy covered in tattoos travelling with his brother, an interior decorator/ writer. That's how we spent our few days. The tattooed one was cute but cranky so we told him to shut up and laughed at him when he was sold black plastic instead of hash. boo.

    Then ate a deepfried cheese burger. seriously. it's gross, but great for a rainy day! We also managed a dali exhibit.

    And if you are board, take one of those walking tours... you will learn more than you ever wanted to!

    Then get the ef outta there and head back to berlin!

    PS, can we all move to berlin and live in squats and make art all day? And marry cute german boys?


  2. yes. yes we can! let's all move to berlin. currywurst be damned, i love that city.