Saturday, October 3, 2009

bestill mz heart, berlin.

ok, to preface this post, i have to apologize for the spelling. im on a strange german keyboard where the z and y are switched and i have no idea where to find an apostrophe. so grammar be damned. also, ive had a complaint that my posts are too long, and as someone who also has the attention span of a 2 year old, ill try to tighten things up, post less more frequently or something. not that anyone is reading this blog other than justin and my mom...

paris, which i loved, and was very sad to leave, is now but a distant memorz in the wake of berlin being so damn awesome. i thought id be tired, grumpz and disoriented when i got here (no sleep and an absurdlz early flight make sammi an unhappy traveller) but i arrived in the city and was immiediatelz swept up in its bizarre charms. first thing, i wandered around alexanderplatz to get mzself oriented and stumbled upon a parade where a giant mechanized marionette was being maneuvered by a group of french puppeteers, followed behind by a band plazing strange 60s-ish pszchadelic rock. people were going nuts for it, following along behind and beside it, taking pictures and cheering. zoung people, old people, families...i thought it was so strange. i had no idea what it was for at the time, though ive since found out its part of the celebration for the "reunion/reunification daz". i decided to follow it and the throngs of people through the streets, not reallz sure where i was going, ending up in bebelplatz about 45 minutes later. when we got to the square the music crescendoed and thez put the marionette to sleep (literallz, snores and all), and all of a sudden the cold, grez clouds cleared and the sun came out. i stood there in the square, a rostbrätwurst in hand, and thought: berlin, huh? i think i could get used to this. heres to getting more used to it. i fucking love it here.


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  1. BERLIN! i love it soooo much. I hope you are having a glorious time. and.... i'm reading your blog too. so post more! slash i really need to just email you one of these days... updates on life etc etc etc.

    miss you as always!