Friday, September 11, 2009

To market to market...

Markets in London are awesome. Yesterday I checked out the Boroughs market which is a great food/farmers market in south east London. Stunning. Whole pig roasts, crazy heirloom vegetables, loads of samples, tasted a smoked changing. Once I figure out how to upload pictures off my camera (I've only had it for, like, 5 years...) I can show you the crazy cow heart tomatoes and pig's head I saw. Loved it.

Today I headed to Portobello Market in Notting Hill, which for some reason I thought I had seen the last time I was in London ages ago, but clearly I was confusing it with Camden, cause it is fantastic and I have never seen a market as splendid in my life. After eating some sub-par bangers and mash I perused the vintage stalls which, gasp, have clothing that actually dates back further than the 70's (a rarity in Canadian vintage shops) and I am determined to find a perfect tweed hunting blazer as my official London souvenir before trips end. Along with general knick-knackery (vintage cameras, printing press pieces, watches, coins, western corral gear...) there are farmer's stalls with excellent wares, like the biggest artichokes I've ever seen and green cauliflowers that look like the hermitage in Russia...

Excellent segue actually, as it appears my dream of going to Russia on this trip just may be fulfilled. My lovely friend Nadja is heading to Moscow mid-October and, if I can get myself in order visa-wise, I will be joining her there. Amazing. So excited. Will have to buy a warmer jacket.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be continuing my market tour of London. Heading to Spitafields and Brick Lane with Xandra for an East Enders perspective. I've been told to expect good curries and chaos. Looking forward to it. Then on to Bath for an overnight on Sunday, where, as I mentioned in my last post, I will try to act posh, wear something neo-classical and fall in love with Mr. Knightly. Or something. (Don't worry Justin, he's fictional.)

Signing off...


  1. The Knightman Cometh?

  2. what does that have to do with london markets justin? stay on topic!

  3. I'm just worried about this Mr. Knightly that's all. Seriously though, I'm glad that you're finding these great markets and vintage stores. I wanna try a smoked olive! Sounds tasty as all hell. Forget the tweed blazer and bring back a crate of those!

  4. i don't know how well they'll keep in my backpack babe. and, haha on the night man reference. now i get it.