Wednesday, September 16, 2009

tartans and tea: select photos from my trip so far

a mackintosh street lamp in glasgow. mackintosh everywhere.

fish and chips.

on the way up to arthur's seat for a panoramic view of edinburgh.

me in loch ness. no monster to be found.

st. paul's cathedral from across the river at the tate modern.

boroughs market - tomatoes!

boroughs market - pig!

looking morbid in a cemetary.

the ceiling in bath abbey. very magestic.

sunny afternoon in a graveyard in bath.


  1. Remember one million years ago when everybody else went shopping and the two of us went to the Tate Modern?
    I loved London so much that I found a way to sneak two days there into my upcoming trip to Germany and Italy.
    When are you in Berlin?

  2. Love the photos. I guess the graveyard one didn't make the cut for Facebook. I really like it though. And also St. P's and Art's Seat. Keep taking pics!