Saturday, August 29, 2009

An Inauspicious Beginning

hello friends,

here begins my travel blog. it is officially my second day in glasgow. after a good night's sleep i can officially say that glasgow is lovely. a bit run down in an industrial/historical way, and the nightlife is just as i expected, fairly ridiculous and exciting. lots of people wearing neon. lots of slurring drunken scots. oh and lots of charles rennie mackintosh buildings, which is right up my alley. went to see the glasgow school of art yesterday, which is an amazing mackintosh building. it's up this intensly steep hill and there must be a private (public?) school nearby because there were all these uniform clad kids walking around in horrible long pleated skirts which were amazing and made me wish i had brought my copy of 'the prime of miss jean brodie' with me. the whole building is like a giant riff on a mackintosh chair and, knowing me, i love a good grid pattern, so i thought it was stupendous.

as for actually getting to scotland. well, and this is for you kate magoon, i had my first 'triumphs over adversity' before i had even left vancouver. that would be called: a cancelled flight. that would also be called: flight rescheduled much earlier than expected and oh shit i have twenty minutes to get to the airport. thank you justin for getting me to the airport. and finally, there was the: mean mr. customs officer encounter. apparently UK customs does not appreciate a one way ticket holding, no definite itinerary booking, unemployed canadian girl who plans to travel for an undisclosed amount of time. not at all. after two bouts of questioning, being taken to one of those little interrogation rooms, having my bags and travel diary read through, and being threatened with never being allowed back into the UK again if i'm found to be working (duh, that's clearly not going to happen) or re-enter the UK without a return ticket i was allowed entrance. well thank you very much for the kindly scottish hospitality. jerk. they did give me water though, so that was nice. did i mention it was 6 am scotland time/god knows what hour vancouver time and i hadn't slept in like, a day...jerks indeed.

anyways, now i'm here. happy to be here. working on getting the hang of this backpacker thing. but i'm sure i'll do just fine.

till next time...

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